WEB (Cloud) version

Basic information

GALA construction software (WEB version) is a modern software designed for the contruction profession. It uses the latest technology based on HTML / JavaScript language and is designed to make calculations, planning, spending control, and calculation of executed works. Software is based on Desktop (MS Windows) version, using all the advantages of WEB technology. It is further enhanced and improved and no installation required.

GALA WEB software is developing in the direction of integration of planning, control and management of costs and time, into the central management system for construction projects. The WEB interface is especially useful when working from remote locations because it allows instant access to the database. So all the data is up to date and visible right away.

The WEB version of the software is located on a remote server and runs through a WEB browser (browser) independent of the operating system (MS Windows, Macintosh, Linux or any other). The only precondition for working is the Internet connection.
Software can also be installed on a local network. In that case, no internet connection is required.